M. Samantha Art

Artist Statement
M. Samantha

Style— I’m an Experientialist painter who works in acrylics, water based oils, and oils. My style fits within the larger category of Post-Impressionism, employing intense vibrant colors, and emotional manipulations of brush-strokes that take the viewer into a shared experience. I gain inspiration through the places I travel and the people I meet.

My art is a reaction and direct opposition to tools like Claude glass that have developed within our society into tools such as the smart phones. I believe many people today become engrossed in viewing the world through artificial eyes, which reduce and simplify color tones into renditions or representations versus living in the moment.

As part of my process in addressing the problem of how to visually convey a moment, I place the highest value on creating order and harmony within my paintings. Furthermore, most of time I work from memory. However, when looking at photos for inspiration, I believe it’s essential to my process to take what a photo has to offer, and then to be able to look away. Then, within myself, I am able to find order living in the moment.

Core Values/Art Accolades
I have a BFA in Studio Art from Knox College, with a specialization in color theory. After College, I received a graduate certificate from Northwestern in Advertising and Marketing Management. I also specialize in creative marketing and graphic design, and use these skills to help individuals and companies as well as not for profit organizations. I’m an Associate Board Chair & Leader of Strategic Partnership for I Am We, which is an arts not for profit. I Am We brings forth it’s mission through the medium of storytelling, art STEM programming, advocacy, and strategic partnerships. I Am We has a strong presence in Chicago’s South side neighborhoods, including Hyde Park and Woodlawn. I created the logo adopted by I Am We. Additionally, I volunteer with my therapy dog, Rocky, at hospitals, libraries, and schools to brighten the lives of adults, and children throughout Chicago. I have raised money for Lurie Children’s Hospital in each with my Chicago Marathon runs. My paintings were exhibited in the Promising New Artist Show at the Caelum Gallery in New York. One of my paintings is also in the permanent collection of the former Governor of Michigan and former Ambassador of Canada. Most recently, I also created a series of paintings for the Chicago White Sox that was featured in one of their digital media campaigns. The media division of the Chicago White Sox also owns one of my prints.


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