Meredith S. Kopelman

Artist Statement
My process reflects everyday experiences through unexpected prisms. I draw on vibrant colors, material explorations, and luminosity through form and line. Painting can be a stage to illustrate life from an emotional reality. By exploring personal narrative, my work interweaves abstraction and representation with memory and fantasy. My physical painting process uses the entire body, which allows playfulness, confidence, and spontaneity. We are all part of a moment in time. Life can be beautiful in all its imperfection and mess.

My everyday experiences range from a chance encounter with an eccentric blue heron, while taking a pause during a morning run. Energy pulses through me, yet I’m at peace with my surroundings. We’re home. Or as my dog, Rocky, runs across the Northwestern sailing beach, we become aware of the sailboats gliding across the water. As sails fill with wind, the atmospheric shift changes with every moment in time. It becomes a very personal narrative, reminding us that in the mist of all the pain and turmoil, what a joy it is to be alive.