M. Samantha Art

Artist Statement
M. Samantha

Style— Style— I’m fascinated by utilizing my mind’s eye to communicate with others through my art. Most recently, I’ve been exploring my ability to rearrange words backwards/forwards and left/right with control. As part of my visual language, I also reverse and reorder landscapes, enabling me to create my own hierarchy, structure and order which enables me to capture a moment’s story rather than a mere static image. My goal is to continue challenging myself conceptually by exploring my schematic intuitiveness.

Current artists I look to for inspiration include: Nicole Eisenman, Lois Dodd, Natalie Frank, and Celeste Dupuy-Spencer. I relate to Nicole Eisenman’s work, as being personal and driven by the body. My work is also feeling based, but also fixated on movement and pain (dark humor) that is depicted through figurative gestures and metaphoric landscapes. Like Eisenman I share Expressionism, Impressionism and Picasso influences, and like Dodd I appreciate scenes I encounter in my environment. I relate to Frank’s themes of power, sexuality, gender, feminism,
and identity and I too can be playful and theatrical in my use of narratives. Lastly, I look to Celeste Dupuy-Spencer’s ability to tell narratives through a sort of figurative self-created religion.