Meredith S. Kopelman

Artist Statement
My process is about conveying an unexpected everyday experience through unexpected colors. Painting is a stage for conveying life from my head through an emotional reality. It’s an exploration of very personal narratives that push the boundaries of abstraction and representation with memory, fantasy, and a desire to connect to people and landscapes. Within my intuitive process, I’m capturing the atmosphere of a place, which results in me being present in the work. Elements that seem so different can be worked into a narrative with the desire of finding and ultimately creating a sense of unity. I genuinely see the world as an interesting place!

A chance encounter with an eccentric woman holding brightly colored cotton candy can become the humorous subject for a personal narrative. Or as I’m sitting in my living room meditation corner holding my sketchpad, I admire the energy radiating from my Buddha. It’s funny how my freshwater garden relate to narrative unfolding in the room, which constantly shifting back and forth in space. It’s all about human perception and the subjectivity of the human experience. Moments shift into memories with direct brushstrokes. Then, memories shift through indirect blurring of merging and transparent forms. Memories can be crisp or fading.